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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Air Conditioning come to Wasted Electrons HQ

10,000 BTUs of air chilling refrigeration are going on right now in my family room! And I am just now showered and sitting down for the first time since leaving work. The BSU had requested a room air conditioner in the family room a few weeks ago since it is the furthest room from the swamp cooler up on the roof. There hasn't been a pressing need because the weather has been mighty temperate for the past couple weeks. But it has warmed up this week, 85 on the way home today so I decided it was time to purchase and install an ac unit.

And she of course, agreed.

So off I went to Lowes this afternoon and I carried home a Whirlpool window unit. Its big enough that it should keep the temps under control for the entire basement. I also bought the heavy duty support brace and then headed home to do the "e-z" install.

Yeah, right... The instructions on both the ac unit and the brace were designed for folks with wood sash windows, not the steel framed, set in concrete windows that I have in my basement! Argh! It only took one extra trip to Home Depot and $10 for some heavy-duty concrete screws and the special drill bit to get the mount fastened to my window frame. And more than a little bit of cursing was applied to the task as well.

But I got it done and its running quite satisfactorily. I still need a quarter sheet of plywood to finish the job which I will get tomorrow and then everything will be tidy and secure.

The BSU likes the remote control feature!

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